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About Profinitum


PROFINITUM is a young international company offering multiple services for both national and international companies. The company is active in five areas: Technical Drafting Services, Construction Project Management, 3D-visualizations, Conceptual Layout Design and Administration services. For each area, Profinitum offers experienced professionals to realize the projects of our clients.

Moreover, Profinitum forms a partnership with several foreign companies to exchange knowledge and experiences. 



Discover our key services.


Click below and found out about Profinitums': 

- Technical Drafting Services

- Construction Project Management

- 3D-visualizations

- Conceptual Layout Design

- Administration Services

Company Blog


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PROFINITUM is a compact team of dedicated professionals with a broad experience in construction business and general administrative services. Our team consists of different professionals who each are experts in one or more areas. 
Our administrative executives engage in the correspondence, general administrative tasks, invoicing and much more. If desired, our administrative execs write reports in different languages.
Our Construction engineers manage your real estate projects from start to finish. They are experts in creating your CAD Drawings. 
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